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The location is skirts of Mt,Fuji that candidacy of the world`s cultural heritage.

Aokigahara forest. We explore globally rare lava cave!

 Aokigahara forest  Caving


Sea of tree cave  exploration

When it visits,shift of a forest is known perfectly.Sift of forest is nature of rule. We explore the lava cave of aokigahara forest that made of eruption of Mt,Fuji.
You are explorer here!!!

●price  5,400yen for adult (over elementary school)
【Rental tools(overralls・helmet・headlight・gloves)including lesson fee】

Dress clothes and shoes to match the season
special favor  souvenir picture
The time required 3 hours
Start time ①9:00AM - ②1:30PM -
Season All year

Aokigahara promotional video