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MTB(mountain bike)

 There is a place where you can see nice  spectacular view of Mt,Fuji

It is product 50years ago in the United States America.
MTB was product just to run the mountain. It is not the paved road.
We get thtough off-road of the beautiful nature by MTB.
You feel mountain biking passion.

 (Until September 30.2019)
  ¥8,640 for addlet (over junior high school students)
 (After October 1.2019)
  ¥8,800 for addlet (over junior high school students)
【Rentak tools(MTB・helmet・groves)including lesson fee】

 Go through the forest by MTB
Dress Easy to move shoes long sleeves, long pants, comfortable shoes
Special favor sourvenir picture
The time required 3 hours
Start time ①9:00AM - ②1:00PM -
Season  May - November(Please contact us about December to April)


MTB promotion video (You tube)