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About reservation


 All programs are reservation systems.
(However, if there is vacant, It is available on the day)


★In the case of reservation by telephone.
   Please call the below phone number to contact us



★In the case of reservation with E-mail
    please reserve from an `inquiry page.` 


We will be able to propose discount(5%off) if make reservation from this website.

Please be sure to fill in the contents below in the case of reservation from E-mail.
◆The day of choice, and time (time of onset changes by a program. Please be careful.)

◆The program of choice

◆Your name

◆E-mail address

◆Telephone number (number which connection can take on the day)

◆Question etc


※Although I have replied to received mail at any time,  there is no reply even if three day will pass. We are sorry to you, but please contact us.


【Cancellation policy】

 As for the cancellation by the circumstances of the visitor, the top had a cancellation fee as follows.
The day before 2-5days Enforcement day         20 of rate
・The day before Enforcement day                   30of rate
・Enforcement daily allowance day
 (there is communication)                            50of rate
 (there is no communication)                       100of ratese

・We carry out even rain with each program as a general rule, but cancel it when we judge a typhoon, a thunderstorm with danger
・We do not have the cancellation fee if I can hear on the telephone by program start time in the rainy day.
・The postponement within one month with a concrete schedule does not have the cancellation fee.
・When after cancellation fee payment, I have you use the same program by the same number of people again within six months, It discounts for cancellation fee equivalency. Please show the thing which can prove payment.