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Optional tour

This tour is for the customers who use hotels affiliated to our company.

・Please feel free to take part.
Reservation ,reception and payment can be done at the front desk of the hotels.(In some hotels their is no reception)

・We will provide free transportation.
We will pick you up from the hotel and will give you free ride back to hotel or
Kawaguchiko Station.

The hotels having optional tours are following.
At the present time,the program is about experiencing Canadian Canoe.
Please see the following.



Canadian canoe 
Enjoyable Lake kawaguchiko!!

This program is for beginner.
You go out to canoe with instructor after explanation and practice. You`ve got luck or not!? You might be landing in uninhabited if you have luck.

●Price   one person     5,250yen for adult (overelementaryschool)
2,100yen for kids  (baby)
【Rental tools(Canoe・Life jacket・paddle)・including lesson fee】

Dress Clothes and shoes to match the season
Special favor Souvenir picture
The time required 2 hours
Start time ①10:00AM - ②1:00PM - ③3:30PM -(April - September)
Season All year

Pick up vehicle

Their is a illustration of World Heritage Fuji Mountain on the side of the vehicle.
We can provide transportation to small and big groups.